How does it actually work?

Our comprehensive solution to Play for Money with Permanent Pool Rewards. The use of BUSD resources keeps the token price from being affected when the number of players is too large, in addition, we also limit the number of NFTs to be mined at 10,000 NFT, this helps to keep the Pool rewards stable.
The price of $AUNI token will continue to increase as all the activities and transactions in the game are denominated in $AUNI which causes the price of $AUNI to increase steadily and the Reward value in Pool BUSD also higher.
We've observed Play to Earn games in the past and discovered that Rewarding Game Players with the game's own tokens is a joke. Game token is free generated from developer and it has no reward value, when abusing player's reward with game token itself it also means game will end when There is no Pool bonus token and the token price will slowly drop to zero and then disappear.
Some examples of the use of hoarding the token and its inclusion in the rewards of previous projects: